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Elven Ear Cuffs

Elves are esteemed as the most beautiful creatures to exist. Accessorize your ears to bring out your elven side. Crafted out of silver-plated wire and adorned with glass beads, these ear cuffs resemble a pointed elf ear. Sold on Etsy.



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Another year, and another night spent wondering why my mom decided to kill herself. I wasn’t around her enough to see the signs. I wasn’t able to see her in person and see any change of moods. I don’t know if there was a note, I never had a chance to see her in her bed, and that’s why I feel as if this whole situation isn’t real. Yes I was able to see her at a small funeral. But nothing has settled in my mind. Yes it would’ve been painful and terrible to see my mom dead where she laid. But it would’ve given me the closure that I need to allow my brain to fully comprehend her death.

  • Do I need to back up my phone before I update my phone?
  • I need answers people.




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Pumped for some new clothes.
Probably my favorite out of the bunch

Dude I’m so turnt

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Imagine spending all your time going up and down your best python friend.

Or maybe the frog is smart enough to be hiding along the side of the snakes head.



That was so beautiful


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